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Design by Ray Fransham

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Natural Paua Gems


Yes, the vibrant changing rainbow of colour that you see as you move this piece of jewellery,
is the real natural colour of paua shell. No dyes or artificial colours. 
Rei Jewellery Ltd uses only the highest quality natural paua shell, polished to perfection,
and presented in a design that embodies the essence of New Zealand.

   These cabochons show the true nature of paua shell as a gem material. We search for the increasingly rare thick paua shells that are heavy enough to cut true cabochons. Cabochons with enough depth to show the, rolling fire of chaging colour that is the true magic of paua shell.

Sterling silver (.925) is the silver standard used by quality silversmiths around the world.

Silver is safe. whatispaua?

Original Designs by Ray Fransham 

copyright Rei Jewellery Ltd.

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Carved Natural Paua Cabochon Earrings on
Sterling Silver Caps, Hooks & Studs 


Original Designs by Ray Fransham © Rei Jewellery Ltd.



NZ natural paua shell New Zealand Rei Jewellery Ltd.



Te Koha a Tangaroa

The Gift of the God of the Sea

Paua is unique to New Zealand. The most colourful species of abalone.    Regarded by New Zealanders past and present as a Taonga or treasure. Maori legend has it that paua was a special gift from Tangaroa, the God of The Sea.

Rei Jewellery exclusively uses gem quality, natural Paua Shell when creating our designs.

Every shell is different, every pattern unique. As you move the shell in the light, the colours change and move.

This iridescence comes from photonic crystals of calcium carbonate laid down in the shell by the paua. This is the same optical effect as opals, and is what makes paua such an outstanding gem material.

NZ natural paua shell New Zealand Rei Jewellery Ltd.

natural paua 

All the colours of the rainbow



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Paua Shell Necklaces Sterling Silver Caps & Chains
& Hand Carved Paua Shell Brooches
No dyes or artificial colour
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Hand Carved Paua Shell on Sterling Silver Bail 
No dyes or artificial colour

( Prices Include Sterling Silver Chains, Braid Thong with all Pendants )

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